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Become a Certified 5 Path® & 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Hypnotist

Our Hypnosis Certification Training is NGH Approved and designed to produce confident and competent hypnosis professionals. This is a high quality, professional, accelerated hypnosis certification producing some of the best and most qualified hypnosis professionals in the field.

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Is Fear & Anxiety Keeping You From Your Life

Almost anytime we express a strong emotion, we also create a hypnotic mind state. When we listen to and believe self-limiting or self-sabotaging suggestions, we hold ourselves back in life. Luckily, as a professionally trained hypnotist, I can help you unlearn these thinking patterns that provide no real benefit to you.

Would you love learning how to anticipate living a life of good luck as your normal life routine? How about imagining that you really CAN get that job promotion because you act so confidently decisive the boss knows it’s true, too? Or, what about having the meaningful relationship you’ve always dreamed of enjoying?
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Marcella Hilferty

Marcella Hilferty is a Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor, Certified 5-PATH® Hypnotist (one-on-one hypnosis sessions), Certified 7-PATH® Self-Hypnosis instructor (one-on-one or class forum) and a Board Certified National Guild Hypnotist. These coveted certifications represent Marcella’s love and commitment to the science of hypnotherapy.
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Past Students

In order for Marcella to focus on training new students, she has limited the time she takes hypnosis clients. Below you will find past students who have been certified and who are taking new clients.

Maxx Angenetta Jones

Maxx’s life-long journey as a healer started in the world of nursing but doesn’t stop there. Accredited in Life & Relationship Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Master Hypnotist, Accredited Psychic, Oracle, and Spiritual Healer; her experience and innate knowledge combine to help people explore and reveal their full potential

Her passion is to guide you to your best possible life so you can experience all it has to offer. The ultimate goal is to see you define and discard that which no longer serves you..

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Hannah Mae B

Hannah Brobst is a practicing certified 5-path Master hypnotist, and 7-path self hypnosis teacher. She has over 17 years experience working with addiction and recovery with a focus on fear, anxiety, people pleasing, emotional regulation and freedom from addictions ranging from food, to relationships, and substances. After utilizing hypnosis tools for four of her six home births, she felt drawn to serve as a hypnotist to help others learn these transformational tools so they may accelerate their results, whether it be to neutralize pain or find personal freedom and empowerment.
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Past Clients Love Us

Read Some of our Testimonials

Rebecca C.

“Thank you Marce, from all of my heart and soul!!! Thank you for introducing, guiding, and teaching me the 7th Path Self Hypnosis, along with the one-on-one sessions and Informing Soul Technique.” “The one-on-one sessions have allowed me to release emotions and traumas that have had me stuck at a stand still in my life. I felt myself immediately release old belief patterns that were no longer serving my life. It gave me the conscious awareness of what was holding me back, which I was unaware of. I felt a sensation of release, followed by peace. And it has never returned.” “The 7th Path hypnosis has been a life impacting journey. With just 20 minutes a day and some discipline to do it, it has transformed my life infinitely. I first released and let go of a life load of emotional crap and beliefs that no longer applied to my life, as a gown up, and thoughts that were blocking me from living my deepest dreams and desires.” “I let go of fear, anger, jealousy and frustration to name just a few. Doing that gave me the space to then start creating my life’s dreams and desires. I put the intention out there, and to my surprise, it always manifested in my life. It works!!! I’m blown away and grateful.” “Last but not least was the Informing Soul Technique. It gave me true clarity and confirmation on what my true life purpose is and what I came here to do in this lifetime. It has allowed me to see what I’m truly passionate about and what makes me happy. What I came here to learn in this life, and what feeds my soul. Thanks again Marce!!! You are such a gentle, nurturing soul who I can completely trust and can open up to about anything. I love you infinitely!”

Alpha, NJ

Deb Z.

“I’ve smoked for about 25 yrs. I had made several attempts to quit over the years with little or no success. The times I had tried. I was irritable, frustrated, and always struggled with the cravings.” “I am completely blown away, and utterly amazed at the results I’ve experienced through hypnosis!!! I no longer crave cigarettes, and am actually repulsed by the smell of cigarette smoke!!!” “Through hypnosis, Marcy has taught me healthier ways to deal with my stressors, and my emotions.” “I am truly grateful that cigarettes no longer dictate my life!!!!” “Thank you Marce!!!!” “PS: I would not hesitate to see Marce for other issues as well. I am astounded by my personal results and highly recommend hypnosis to anyone!!!”


Paula T.

“Marcella made me feel so relaxed and comfortable during the session. She clearly explained the method and checked in with me during the week to see how I was doing. I wouldn’t have chose anyone else to get me started in the 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Program. It has made such a positive difference in my approach to life.”


Yoga Light

Charles C.

“Marcella, I am fortunate and blessed to have met you and learned from you the “7th Path Self Hypnosis System”.

The process has helped me refocus, it has allowed me to get in touch with my inner self and accept and love myself. The 7th Path is a way to connect with your subconscious mind; it helped me find my way back to meditation, and allowed me to refocus and re-invent myself as I move ahead in my changing world.

I highly recommend this program to everyone who is open to accept change, and ready to embrace a new found inner peace.”


“I had the pleasure of meeting Marcella via a one to one meeting within our BNI Easton I Chapter. After learning about what she does, and explaining the misconceptions out there regarding hypnosis I immediately scheduled an appointment with her for myself to go in and see her. She is amazingly thorough in her explanations of the process and how she can help a wide variety of issues. Her whole process takes about 3-4 sessions and is very reasonably priced for the outcome you receive from it. Personally I needed that edge to relax but also get that extra motivation to get back in the gym, and take care of my health via what I was eating. After just the first session I was feeling motivated and made changes to my diet and made it to the gym almost every day. After our final two sessions I felt like a new person. The motivation was back, my mind was eased, and I noticed I haven’t felt this good both physically and mentally in awhile. I recommend her to anyone that may have something blocking them from being the best person they can be. Don’t believe the misconceptions about hypnosis. Schedule a meeting with Marcella and let her put her mind at ease! Thank you for everything Marcella!”

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